The Best Ramen in Chicago

by Anshul Mangal, January 9, 2017

Source: The Infatuation 

Eat ramen. Eat all of the ramen, because there’s never a bad time to indulge. The good news for you is that ramen is no longer a novelty, and there are plenty of great options around. The bad news is everyone you know is apparently an expert and wants to share their “knowledge” on traditional Japanese cooking techniques. We have no such intentions, but we do know what tastes good.

These aren’t restaurants that happen to have a ramen on the menu, but rather places that are built around it. These are the best ramen joints in Chicago.

Furious Spoon is a great mix of interesting but practical. The space is long and slim with great music, a fast pace where you order at the counter . And the ramen is familiar, but there are some interesting twists as well. Get the namesake Furious Spoon ramen, which is a little thicker and creamier than most other ramen, but has excellent noodles and good spice. There are a couple locations these days, but the original Wicker Park spot is our favorite. Bonus points for them being open until at least 1am all week.