News - 05.01.2020

How Restaurant Menus Are Changing In A Delivery-Centric Era

Now that everything is shifted towards our delivery service and delivery platforms, how do we market in this environment? It’s getting ultra-competitive with what everyone offers online. It changed the landscape. So we started getting creative and brainstorming ideas. We started different packages. One of the packages we’re doing is called the “We Got Your Back Bundle,” which is two bowls of ramen, two drinks, and an appetizer, and we throw in a free roll of toilet paper. That was a good thing. I think people really enjoyed getting a toilet paper roll in their delivery. We started putting one in every delivery order, and it took off on social media. We added several alcohol packages and bundles of make-it-at-home cocktail kits—like an at-home beer pong package, where we deliver cups and also beer. Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we’re still keeping some aspects lighthearted.

Source: Zagat with Uber Eats