News - 01.31.2019

Furious Spoon Unveils New Menu with Full-Service Shift

On January 30, Chicago’s Furious Spoon will officially unveil a new and expanded menu to complement its shift to full-service that began at the end of last year. While the concept’s namesake ramen will remain at the center of the menu, including new bowl selections, Furious Spoon is rolling out 10 new appetizer offerings. The menu also features revamped rice bowls for those who prefer a different carb to ramen.

“An enhanced, all-encompassing menu was the appropriate next step in our Furious (R)evolution,” says Executive Chef and Partner Shin Thompson. “I am constantly on the lookout for exciting and new ways to experience food, and this menu really showcases a different side to my cooking, combining traditional Japanese flavors with modern touches that are authentically Furious Spoon. We couldn’t be more excited for our guests to come in and experience it themselves.”

Highlights from the new menu include:


Hand-Rolled Harumaki

Crispy spring rolls served with ponzu and spicy honey mustard

Oshinko Pickle Plate

Colorful assortment of daikon radish, eggplant and cucumber

Marinated Silken Tofu

Miso marinade with bonito flakes and crispy shallots

Japanese Lettuce Wraps

Served with choice of gyudon beef or chili-marinated shrimp

Panko-Crusted Crab Bomb

Served with scallion aioli

Ramen Bowls

Dynamo Shrimp

Veggie shoyu broth, sweet chili shrimp, miso, fried green beans, fresno chilies

Mother Clucker

Chicken & sea salt broth, honey-ginger chicken breast, Thai basil, lime, crispy shallots

Rice Bowls

Sweet Chili Shrimp

Steamed rice with sweet chili shrimp, cabbage, thai basil, lime and fried green beans

White Pepper Beef Gyudon

Steamed rice with pickled red onions, pickled mushrooms and poached egg

Beginning with the Lakeview location on January 30, Furious Spoon’s new menu will roll out at each of the five standalone locations throughout February. With the full-service model in place, the menu will continue to evolve and incorporate traditional Japanese flavors in a unique and eclectic atmosphere.

“Now that we have shifted to full-service, guests have more time to fully immerse themselves into the Furious Spoon concept,” says Thompson. “Our menu format will continue to showcase the latest in Japanese cuisine, while tying back to my traditional roots.”

Continuing on with the Furious (R)evolution – the next level in “ramen-ology” – guests can begin to experience the new menu at each of the concept’s locations with the new ramen bowls and select appetizers.

Source: FSR